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Company History


Formation of the company by Theodor Rapp in Lauterbach near
Schramberg, Germany. Manufacturing of parts for the tool construction
and the mechanical engineering industry.

Establishment of a subsidiary manufacturing facility in Haslach, Germany.
Siegfried Rapp becomes the general manager of the company. Production
of steel, high-grade-steel and brass screws, nuts and other turned parts.
Development and production of magnetic storage systems for entertainment
equipment. Extension of the production range with new products for the
mechanical engineering industry and specialty production in small series.
Production of loudspeakers and stereo boxes. The plastics sector was
increased by the development of designer clocks.
The Company´s main focus at the production site in Haslach becomes
technology development of high precision metal parts for weapon supply.
This line of business still presents one of the company's main sectors.
Company owner Siegfried Rapp dies in a tragic plane crash. His wife
Lucia Rapp takes over as the managing director.
The company was sold to the Knoblauch family. Continuous development of
the sectors precision mechanics and system service.
The company was sold to Bruno & Wolfgang Bau. Company name
changed to Rapp Praezisionstechnik GmbH.
New HQ and production place is located in >Bad-Rippoldsau Schapbach.


Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

Today, the company with a strong and competent workforce
and modern production facilities readily faces the challenges of the
changing market.

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